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How to Use the official Mermaid Chart for Confluence app

21 May 2024 · 4 mins

It doesn’t matter if you’re a data enthusiast, software engineer, or visual storyteller; our Confluence app can allow you to embed Mermaid Chart diagrams — and dynamically edit them — within your Confluence pages.

How to Choose the Right Documentation Software

7 May 2024 · 5 mins

How to Choose the Right Documentation Software. Reliable and efficient documentation software is crucial in the fast-paced world of software development.

24 April 2024 · 5 mins

Artificial intelligence (AI) tools are changing the way developers work.

Mermaid Chart Unveils Visual Editor for Sequence Diagrams

8 April 2024 · 5 mins

Sequence diagrams are excellent tools for communication and documentation.

Modeling system states: It starts with a Turing machine

27 March 2024 · 12 mins

In computer science, there are a few fundamental papers that, without exaggeration, changed everything.

Mermaid Chart Raises $7.5M to Reinvent Visual Collaboration for Enterprises

20 March 2024 · 4 mins

Mermaid Chart, the company offering text-based diagramming and workflow management tools, today announced it has raised $7.5 million in Seed funding.

Mermaid Chart GPT Is Now Available In the GPT Store!

7 March 2024 · 3 mins

Mermaid Chart GPT is Now Available In the GPT Store!

How to Make a Flowchart with Mermaid Chart

30 January 2024 · 6 mins

Learn how to make a flowchart with Mermaid Chart, the leading text-to-diagram platform for both developers and non-developers.

How one data scientist uses Mermaid Chart to quickly and easily build flowcharts

23 January 2024 · 4 mins

Read about how Ari Tal, a data scientist and founder of Leveling Up with XAI, utilizes Mermaid Chart for its easy-to-use flowchart creation capabilities to enhance his work in explainable AI (XAI).

Introducing Mermaid Chart’s JetBrains IDE Extension

20 December 2023 · 5 mins

Diagrams are essential for documenting your code.

Mermaid Chart Releases New Visual Editor For Flowcharts

14 December 2023 · 5 mins

Mermaid Chart introduces a new Visual Editor for flowcharts, enabling users of all skill levels to create diagrams easily and efficiently, with both GUI and code-based editing options.

7 best practices (+ examples) for good developer documentation

4 December 2023 · 11 min

Essential strategies for crafting grate developer documentation, with practical examples and insights from leading tech companies.

5 Reasons You Should Be Using Mermaid Chart As Your Diagram Generator

14 November 2023 · 5 mins

Mermaid Chart, a user-friendly, code-based diagram generator with AI integrations, templates, collaborative tools, and plugins for developers, streamlines the process of creating and sharing diagrams, enhancing both creativity and collaboration.

How to Use Mermaid Chart as an AI Diagram Generator

1 November 2023 · 5 mins

Would an AI diagram generator make your life easier?

Diagrams, Made Even Easier: Introducing “Code Snippets” in the Mermaid Chart Editor

12 October 2023 · 4 mins

Mermaid Chart introduces Code Snippets in its editor, streamlining the diagramming process for developers and professionals.

How to Make a Git Graph with Mermaid Chart

22 September 2023 · 7 mins

A git graph is one of the more useful forms of diagrams for developers and DevOps professionals.

Present flow data using Sankey diagrams in Mermaid, thanks to Nikolay Rozhkov

8 September 2023 · 4 mins

Sankey diagrams are a powerful tool for visualizing flow data.

Special cases broke Microsoft Zune and can ruin your code base too

23 August 2023 · 15 mins

Read about the pitfalls of special cases in programming, illustrating how they can lead to complexity, diminish readability, and create maintenance challenges.

New AI chatbot now available on Mermaid Chart to simplify text-based diagram creation

14 August 2023 · 4 mins

Introducing Mermaid Chart’s new AI chatbot, a diagramming assistant that simplifies text-based diagram creation for everyone, from developers to educators, offering features to start, edit, and fix diagrams, and embodying our vision to make diagramming accessible, user-friendly, and fun.

Believe It or Not, You Still Need an Online UML Diagram Tool

14 August 2023 · 8 mins

A UML diagram tool helps developers and other professionals quickly create and share UML diagrams that communicate information about complex software systems.

From Chaos to Clarity: Exploring Mind Maps with MermaidJS

24 July 2023 · 4 mins

Introducing the concept of mind mapping as a tool for organizing complex information, and highlights Mermaid as a user-friendly software that simplifies the creation and editing of mind maps for applications in IT solution design, business decision-making, and knowledge organization.

Mermaid Chart Announces Visual Studio Code Plugin to Simplify Development Workflows

17 July 2023 · 3 mins

New Integration Enhances Workflows By Enabling Developers To Reference And Edit Diagrams Within Visual Studio Code.

Mermaid Chart’s ChatGPT Plugin Combines Generative AI and Smart Diagramming For Users

29 June 2023 · 4 mins

Mermaid Chart’s new ChatGPT plugin integrates AI-powered text prompts with Mermaid’s intuitive diagramming editor, enabling users to generate, edit, and share complex diagrams with ease and efficiency.

Sequence diagrams, the only good thing UML brought to software development

15 June 2023 · 12 mins

Sequence diagrams really shine when you’re documenting different parts of a system and the various ways these parts interact with each other.

subhash-halder contributed quadrant charts so you can show your manager what to select - just like the strategy consultants at BCG do

8 June 2023 · 7 mins

A quadrant chart is a useful diagram that helps users visualize data and identify patterns in a data set.

Bad documentation is bad for developers

26 April 2023 · 11 mins

Documentation tends to be bad because companies and projects don’t fully realize the costs of bad documentation.

Automatic text wrapping in flowcharts is here!

3 April 2023 · 3 mins

Markdown Strings reduce the hassle # Starting from v10.

27 March 2023 · 2 mins

Exciting news for all Mermaid OSS fans: Mermaid Chart has officially launched with Mermaid Chart!

If you're not excited about ChatGPT, then you're not being creative

8 March 2023 · 9 mins

The hype around AI in general and ChatGPT, in particular, is so intense that it’s very understandable to assume the hype train is driving straight toward the trough of disillusionment.

Flow charts are O(n)2 complex, so don't go over 100 connections

1 March 2023 · 12 mins

Flowchart design is a game of balance: Read about the importance of dialling in the right level of detail and how to manage complexity in large flowcharts.

Busting the myth that developers can't write

10 February 2023 · 10 mins

Busting the myth that developers can’t write # It’s an annoying stereotype that developers don’t know how to write, speak, and otherwise communicate.