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Mermaid Chart

The Future of Diagramming & Visual Collaboration

Try the Ultimate AI, Mermaid, and Visual Diagramming Suite by creating an account at Mermaid Chart.

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Mermaid Chart was born out of the Mermaid open source project and was founded by Knut Sveidqvist together with Open Core Ventures. The lead developers from Mermaid have joined the company and there is a strong connection between the project we all love and Mermaid Chart. Mermaid Chart brings resources to the open source development of Mermaid and makes it possible to work with Mermaid professionally.


  • Editor - A web based editor for creating and editing Mermaid diagrams.

  • Visual Editor - The Visual Editor enables users of all skill levels to create diagrams easily and efficiently, with both GUI and code-based editing options.

  • AI Chat - Use our embedded AI Chat to generate diagrams from natural language descriptions.

  • Plugins - A plugin system for extending the functionality of Mermaid.

    Official Mermaid Chart plugins:

    Visit our Plugins page for more information.

  • Collaboration - A web based collaboration feature for multi-user editing on Mermaid diagrams in real-time (Pro and Enterprise plans).

  • Comments - Enhance collaboration by adding comments to diagrams.

  • Presentations - A presentation mode for viewing Mermaid diagrams in a slideshow format.


  • Free - A free plan that includes five diagrams.

  • Pro - A paid plan that includes unlimited diagrams, access to the collaboration feature, and more.

  • Enterprise - A paid plan for enterprise use that includes all Pro features, and more.

To learn more, visit our Pricing page.

Mermaid Chart is currently offering a 14-day free trial on our Pro and Enterprise tiers. Sign up for a free account at Mermaid Chart.

Mermaid JS contributions

First time contributors are eligible for a free Pro tier account for 1 year.