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Untitled string in Mermaid Config Schema


Level of trust for parsed diagram

AbstractExtensibleStatusIdentifiableCustom PropertiesAdditional PropertiesAccess RestrictionsDefined In
Can be instantiatedNoUnknown statusUnknown identifiabilityForbiddenAllowednoneconfig.schema.json*

securityLevel Type


securityLevel Constraints

enum: the value of this property must be equal to one of the following values:

"strict"(**default**) HTML tags in the text are encoded and click functionality is disabled.
"loose"HTML tags in text are allowed and click functionality is enabled.
"antiscript"HTML tags in text are allowed (only script elements are removed), and click functionality is enabled.
"sandbox"With this security level, all rendering takes place in a sandboxed iframe. This prevent any JavaScript from running in the context. This may hinder interactive functionality of the diagram, like scripts, popups in the sequence diagram, or links to other tabs or targets, etc.

securityLevel Default Value

The default value is: